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Energetic | Passionate | Powerful

Pauls Speaking Abilities Help Inspire and Empower Others To Reach Their Peak Levels of Success

The techniques that Paul uses to ensure that each presentation holds value and grabs the crowd’s attention are the following:

  • Story Telling
  • Real-World Tips and Techniques
  • Emotions To Help Achieve Your Personal Goals and Business Goals
Pauls’s speaking helps each individual have the right mindset to embrace the path to success that may have been obscured due to lack of focus, self-doubt, or obstacles in the workplace.

Paul Is Available For Sales Kickoffs, Corporate Retreats, And Leadership Seminars

Through his pieces of training and programs, Sales Reps and Managers increased their revenue by $10’s of Millions of Dollars and gained specific deals due to enablement programs themselves compared to other factors that influence performance.

Average Deal Size
Increased By More Than 100%
New Opportunities Created Year Over Year
Increased By 42%
Average Sales Cycle
Decreased By 32%

Case Studies



  • New consolidated BDR Sales Org. with 65 Sellers
  • 55% new sales reps (most had never been in sales before)
  • Four of the six managers had never managed people before
  • No previous formalized training for anyone in the group


  • Created a Sales Certification Program
  • Put all reps and Managers through the program
  • Drove Performance Management and Coaching for all involved
  • Oversaw Peer Mentoring Program with sellers helping one another


  • Quota Attainment increased from an average of 65% to 110%
  • 12 rep’s were doing over 200% of Quota and two Reps were over 300%
  • Time to Quota Attainment for new hires went from nine months to three months – 200% improvement



  • Global Salesforce of 350 Sellers

  • Lack of Sales Process & Methodology

  • Less than 1x Pipeline and negligible Average Deal Size

  • Sellers had average Quota Attainment of 42%

  • Lack of New Opportunities and low Win Rate


  • Built Global “Reboot Camp” Sales Kick-Offs with new content on Selling

  • Created Sales Accreditation Program to ensure Skills Proficiency

  • Built and delivered 12 weeks of comprehensive New Hire Program

  • Created Coaching and Training Accountabilities for sales leaders


  • Average Deal Size Increased 225%

  • New Opportunities created year over year increased by 42%

  • The average win rate increased by 13%

  • Average Sales Cycle decreased by 32%


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