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Key Takeaways

There is friction in any sales process. That said, the best sales processes are able to minimize friction as far as possible within the cycle itself.

The online environment does not allow for the same classroom setting that previously existed. But a lot of the principles that are important in a traditional classroom environment also hold true in online learning.

Sales enablement is intrinsically linked to revenue. The companies that put more focus on sales and sales enablement are the ones that succeed in bringing in more revenue over time compared to their competitors.

Key Takeaways 

• How IT sales leaders can create a winning culture

• Best practices on virtual selling amidst the volatility

• Navigating complexity in IT Sales in an uncertain environment

• Building trust and credibility with a complex decision-making ecosystem

• Sealing the deal when the scope remains ambiguous.

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Key Takeaways 

• What is Sales Enablement?

• Having the right people in the right seats

• Having the right ratio of managers to reps

• Find the correct Sales Enablement that is able to do all your scope of work

• Find an expert that guides, helps and influences with authority 

Seminars & Interviews

Paul Bickford – Driving Behavior Change

Experience Sales Enablement 2017 in Dallas Main Presentation

Effective Onboarding of Sellers and Sales Managers

Paul shares some amazing insights around the onboarding of sellers, sales managers, as well as on important areas of professional development for all enablement pros.

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Interview Series: Sales Enablement with Paul Bickford

Bob is joined by Paul Bickford, a true expert in all things sales enablement! Paul is a Chapter Officer with the AA-ISP and also the Chapter President of the Denver Sales Enablement Society.

Transformative Selling with Paul Bickford

Global Sales Leader, Paul Bickford joins Dan to discuss what it takes to drive true SALES TRANSFORMATION. With #Sales​ undergoing a dramatic shift, Paul reviews the recipe for success including the secret sauce required for tangible bottom line results.

Leading Lights: Paul Bickford

Podcast Feature

How To Create Alignment In A Resistant Company Culture w/ Paul Bickford

In the conversation Paul discusses:

  • Who should be in charge of an alignment effort
  • How to address a company culture that doesn’t support alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • How training can be leveraged to increase empathy between Sales and Marketing

Allow Paul To Be Your Expert In Sales Enablement

Paul Bickford Seminar