Accelerate Your Career Growth

4 Powerful Tips to Accelerate Your Career Growth

Staying relevant in your profession and remaining competitive in today’s job market can be quite tough. The competition, today, requires you to have a digital presence when navigating the job market. This presence, otherwise called your “brand,” is vital not only to get the best possible job, but to accelerate your growth. Thus, choosing the right courses for professional growth can be a key factor in not only developing your brand, but leveraging it properly.

In this article, we are going to discuss 4 powerful strategies that will accelerate your professional growth and help you achieve overall career satisfaction.

Do What Most People Are Not Willing to Do

If you are carpet-bombing job applications but hearing nothing back, it’s probably because you haven’t developed or leveraged a brand that speaks to you as the go-to person in a particular area (and so you aren’t standing out from the crowd). The good news is that most people aren’t doing this so, with a few tweaks, you’ll stand out in no time.

You must be willing to do what most people are unwilling to do, and be consistently consistent. Try these game changers:

  • Create a website or online portfolio and link it into every job application
  • Always include a customized cover letter with amazing hook
  • Reach out to job posters
  • Send thank-you notes after interviews
  • Build and leverage your network (more on this in a second)

Most importantly, you must be consistent. Set aside 1 hour per day and focus on these tasks. Again, mostly people aren’t doing these things. How do you do them? Reach out for a free chat, and we’ll provide some recommendations.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It might feel uncomfortable or even “icky” to put yourself out there–to reach out to strangers on LinkedInto connect with them. The question is, what are you willing to do? The reality is, no one is going to bite your head off if you request a connection. At most, they just won’t respond. What do successful people do? They don’t let the fear control them; they control the fear. The stakes are pretty low here; it’s just a connection.

What you don’t want to do is oversell people or focus on what you want. If you’re authentic, most people are going to respond positively. On LinkedIn, you can say “Hi! I noticed we have some connections in common, and I really appreciate your background. I thought we could connect and perhaps collaborate!” No one is going to respond negatively to that.

Always focus on filling others’ cup. If you do that, it will come back to you. The courage to reach out and speak with strangers, no matter how introverted you are, will pay dividends.

Get Creative

Literally, get creative. Most people send the same tired resume, or same generic connection request. What sets you apart? You can link a streamlined portfolio that encapsulates all you’ve done that will prove useful for future roles. We even have templates you can use along with a ton of free resources.

Or, think of unique, intelligent questions to ask an interviewer. Or, what’s better, is come prepared with a slide deck that shows some of your performance results and how each is relevant to your desired role. Or, take a new certification or course, and explain (through your branding) how it adds to your value. Again, you must do what other people are unwilling to do!

Grow (And Leverage) Your Network

Create a daily habit of connecting with 10 new people. Reach out and maintain old company contacts. It can help in ways you can’t foresee when you reach out to an old colleague (who may be with a new company) and ask who the right person to connect with is for a particular role.

You can also reach out to second-level connections. “Hi John. I’m reaching out because I see that we have Betty Davis as a mutual connection. For the past 10 years, I’ve been driving projects for Acme company, and I see that your company, RampIT, is hiring for a project leader. Do you know who the best person would be to connect with? Thank you!”

You’d be surprised what people will do if you just ask.

Summing It Up

If you are pursuing professional growth, ensure that your actions align with your career goals. Be consistently consistent. Take steps to develop professionally and enroll in courses for professional growth to learn from people who have already gone through this journey. Leverage that network. What’s your potential? How much of that is untapped?

If you’re looking for a good place to start, contact Paul Bickford Solutions. We help you apply practical techniques proven to enhance your focus and boost your professional performance through branding. Connect with us today for a free chat!